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    Saudi Arabia
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    Salem M. Hadi Al-Zlaiq & Sons Co (SZCC) is committed to provide service that ensures a quality program is delivered in accordance with customers’ requirements. We are in track to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and a continuous improvement program that provides results for our customer. Our Quality Management System is based on the best of industry standard quality guidelines. Moreover the quality management concept evolves from practical on-the-job lessons and the organization’s strategy. Its implementation is effectively managed through a comprehensive, practical and well-designed process. Our employees are educated and motivated to incorporate the quality processes into their everyday activities, thereby preventing non-conformance to quality at every level.
    Our established policy on quality is:

    • Provide quality custom made products and services that meet our customer’s requirements.
    • Maintain awareness of our customer’s needs and requirements.
    • Monitor customer satisfaction
    • Meet or exceed, our quality objectives
    • All personnel/staff are urged to be alert in pursuit of quality

    Project Manager KHALID NAWAZ AHMAD    General Manager SALEM M. HADI AL-ZLAIQ

    SAT - THU 7:00 - 18:00
    Saudi Arabia

    King Salman bin Abdul Aziz Road, Unit No. 1, Building No. 114, Ras Tanura-31941, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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