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    Employee’s life is the Most Precious Asset of our organization. SZCC is alive to its legal and moral responsibility to adopt adequate safety measures to avoid accidents upon human beings by controlling and preventing well defined and safety essentials duly supplied. We Provide Safe Systems and Safe working Surroundings.

    We are committed to provide safe system of work, safe work areas, safe premises and equipment. This includes evaluation of any new system, equipment of substance being introduced to the workplace and reduces any associated hazards identified with it.

    Necessary steps are taken for fire prevention, protection and firefighting, First aid boxes are duly replenished and regular medical examinations carried out. Provision and maintenance of personal protective equipment and implements ensured.

    It is ensured that all employees are sufficiently trained to carry out the duties assigned to them in a safe and protected manner. We further ensure that all safety requirements and instructions are complied with and that disciplinary proceedings are initiated in the event of any reckless disregard of these requirements.

    Our commitment extends to the protection and maintenance of clean and healthy environment in order to save the planet we live in. Good housekeeping, tidiness cleanliness are the habits our employees have developed as personal traits. Safety and Environment Trends are continuously monitored for Improvement

    Regular audits and inspections are carried out of the work areas and systems to ensure compliance with this policy. An effective communication system is maintained for the relay of information on safety, health and environment. Liaison is maintained with external organizations for the promotion of these aspects and interchange of ideas.

    Project Manager KHALID NAWAZ AHMAD    General Manager SALEM M. HADI AL-ZLAIQ


    SAT - THU 7:00 - 18:00
    Saudi Arabia

    King Salman bin Abdul Aziz Road, Unit No. 1, Building No. 114, Ras Tanura-31941, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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